CEO Summary of 2021

A summary of 2021 simply can’t be written without mentioning the COVID pandemic.


And, as a keen photographer, I thought an image would be the best way for me to sum up my feelings of the effect COVID has had in local communities.


In particular, Sawbridgeworth, the Hertfordshire town where I currently live.


The above image was the final result:


At the moment, it may feel like entire communities have had their souls ripped out by this dreadful situation.


But, for those who, like me, spent their time absorbed in business, this long period of time passed far quicker than expected.


But others, I know, have become consumed by their thinking and fears.


Endlessly, trying to make sense of, and solve the pandemic problems and issues in their minds.


Problems that cannot always be solved in the present.


The result is circular thinking, going over and over the same thoughts, looking for answers to highly complex issues that don't always have clear and definitive answers.


But no matter where your political leaning, cultural opinion, health or fears find you, here’s some good advice from Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director:


"Be safe, Be Smart & Be Kind."

1. Be SAFE from coronavirus infection

2. Be SMART & inform yourself about it

3. Be KIND & support one another


Software Industry Success


The software tech industry has fared better than most during this period.


Many Boss Equity clients, I know well, have said in a low whisper that the pandemic has boosted their business.


I've witnessed their feelings of guilt when they admit their software technology businesses have not simply maintained their revenue but increased their rate of growth over the past two years.


But now, as we enter 2022, it’s time to shift up a gear to build on the gains made in transformative progress over the past two years.


New for ‘22


The BOSS-it podcast is about to enter a new phase.


Over the past year, I’ve had hundreds of C-suite software execs tell me how much they’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast and how much they’ve learned from it.


And that’s why I’m so proud to announce we’re just about to launch Season Three.


I’ll be talking to more high-level C-suite execs in the software sector about their unique experiences growing their company.


And I want to discuss the issues they’ve overcome, the successes they’ve had – as well as the failures they’ve experienced along the way.


We will also gain insights into their thoughts and aspirations for the future, and how they anticipate technology will help shape our futures for the better.


BOSS-it, which started as a personal project for me, has now definitely begun to take on a life of its own.


It’s led to multiple invitations to talk on other podcasts. And I’ve found that answering great questions from other podcast hosts, gives me the freedom to formulate my thinking at a deeper level.


Great questions help bring back experiences, ideas and knowledge that have been locked away in my subconscious.


I hope the BOSS-it podcast brings you both entertainment and something of practical value. 


A Good Year


Overall, 2021 has been a good year for Boss Equity, partnering with some great people on many new and exciting projects.


Now we've bid farewell to 2021, I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy year ahead.


I also extend a hand to you to reach out and connect with me via Linked-In.


Let's enter 2022 at a continued warp speed and see what exciting changes the year brings.


All the best,
Mark Edwards

CEO Boss Equity 
BOSS-it Podcast 
Co-Founder OutSmart