On the Wings of the Software Unicorn

“On the Wings of the Software Unicorn”

How the fast-growth $1 Billion Software Companies did it. Made (relatively) simple.


The software sector is the fastest-paced business sector in the world. There have been massive changes in just the past 18 months that make this sector the “numero uno” for shareholder opportunity.

This whitepaper is the result of 18 months of study and many lifetimes of experience in the software sector. It's not the complete story but a giant leap forward on a journey I invite you to travel with us. This study will probably continue for the next three years as a research project; one that will evolve and provide an opportunity for continuous learning.

We don’t intend to publish every insight on our website as we will keep some of the “magic sauce” back for our clients.

I think this evolving whitepaper will prove valuable to you and should help you identify at least one critical aspect of your business you can start working on that will improve its value and performance.

If, once you’ve read the whitepaper, you find you have all these elements nailed, then please come and speak to us; we would love to meet and work with you.

And, you could soon be flying high among the software sector Unisus (Unicorn’s).

I look forward to possibly meeting you in the future. And for some of you, we could be embarking on an exciting journey together.

All the best,
Mark Edwards

CEO / Founder Boss Equity

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