How to Multiply the Equity Value in Your Business

How to Multiply the Equity Value in Your Business

05 June 2018

In this video, Mark Edwards explains that there's a right way & a wrong way to build your software business.

We work exclusively with software businesses between $2 and $100 Million in revenue helong clients to maximise the value in their software businesses.

Building your business the right way means you can rapidly increase its value

 All of our senior execs have run & sold businesses in a wide range of sectors around the world - We work across 4 continents around the world to leverage our experience to assist our clients

We believe all companies have hidden diamonds of value which Boss Equity execs are qualified to uncover.

Exit Strategy, Then, Explosive Growth

Our first task, when we engage with a client, is to set out your exit strategy and then we focus on your explosive growth.

Advisors from banking and financial backgrounds don't make the best sales people - ebitda and multiples of revenue rarely gienerate a true & accurate valuation for your business.

Our background is in the software industry  and we are able to offer an objective pair of experienced eyes, seeing things you are too close to see.

We see our role as unlocking greater equity value and our mission is to bring you explosive growth, effectively and at minimal cost. 

The final step - after months, or sometimes years, of working with us - is to bring you the most suitable buyers for your business.

This means you will be royally rewarded for your hard work over the years