Season 3 - Episode 5: Uli Erxleben - "Working with Humans"

Season 3 - Episode 5: Uli Erxleben - "Working with Humans"

12 January 2022

In this episode of BOSS-it, Mark Edwards talks with Uli Erxleben, Co-founder and Managing Director of Hypatos. The conversation ranges widely over topics including IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), Neural Networks, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) but ultimately, it's all about the humans who use the tech.

Hypatos - Unusual Origins

Mark shares a joke with Uli about the origin of the company name, Hypatos, which is not what he had thought. You'll need to listen to the podcast to understand more :)

With studies in business administration, a Masters in Accounting & Finance as well as a PhD in Finance & Statistics, Uli explains his background is in business rather than tech. He goes on to explain Hypatos' offering, which harnesses visual pattern recognition, language understanding and artificial neural networks to make repetitive tasks, such as invoice processing, quicker and easier - and operatives more productive.

A Focus on Semi-Structured Data

Hypatos focuses on high-volume use cases, where companies have many semi-structured documents -  Finance, purchase to pay, order to cash, travel expense reports, insurance claims, loan applications etc

Uli believes it's important that the software is fully integrated into companies' data workflows and also that it's human-centric - Made to assist human beings in their daily work, not to replace them.

The Software Needs to Work in "Real-Life" Scenarios

He says it's critical the software is created for human beings, not just for "nerdy machine learning engineers" - believing that, just because something works in model format, doesn't necessarily mean it will work and add value in an organisation.