Season 2 - Episode 32: Former Fallen Angel

Season 2 - Episode 32: Former Fallen Angel

13 November 2020

In this highly entertaining, both serious and amusing podcast, David Angel talks to Mark Edwards about the gratitude he now has for his life.

Starting life as a chef and 'accidentally' falling into sales, David went from door-to-door sales to in-office calling - 300 calls a day.

As a saleman and manager of sales teams, his drink and substance abuse gradually increased to a point where he lost everything and found himself living in his car.

From this rock bottom, David gradually rebuilt his life to the point that he became a sales coach and helped others work on their selling skills as well as their mindset.

David describes his persistent anxiety as like living with a pet tiger. When the tiger behaves, he enjoys laser-like focus, drive and determination; when the tiger misbehaves, it's a totally different story. But David has now learned different, more positive coping mechanisms.

Amongst the seriousness, David and Mark swap anecdotes of some hilarious - and not so hilarious - situations selling door to door landed them in: being chased by German Shepherd dogs and bombarded with missiles by 10-year olds at houses where sales people weren't welcome, people dressed as pirates with parrots on their shoulders. As David says, such episodes gave him a rhino skin but also taught him never to pre-judge people. 

An easy-listening podcast, as entertaining as it is informative.


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