Season 2 - Episode 31: Trust-Based Selling

Season 2 - Episode 31: Trust-Based Selling

06 November 2020

Warning to Salespeople: This might hurt - just a bit

In this week's podcast, Mark Edwards talks to Ari Galper, the World No1 authority on "trust-based selling". 

Some 20 years ago, Ari was a sales manager in a software company, selling an innovative tracking solution. 

It was after an hour-long, online demo - which Ari describes as a "Lovefest on the phone" - that Ari had an epiphany that changed the way he saw and approached selling from that moment forward.

After that demo, Ari realised that somewhere over the years, it had become socially acceptable to lie to salespeople; he realised that you need to remove pressure from sales conversations and replace it with trust or you'll never get to the truth of what they need - And you'll be forever chasing 'ghosts'.

Ari explains the importance and the subtle nuances of the language you use - with a list of phrases and words to avoid. 

He also explains when and how the sale is lost - and it's not when and how you may think...

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