Season 2 - Episode 29: Chasing Black Unicorns

Season 2 - Episode 29: Chasing Black Unicorns

08 October 2020

A 34-year old serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker and best-selling author, Marek Zmyslowski, talks with Mark about being on Interpol's "Most Wanted" list and narrowly escaping a stay of 20 years in a Nigerian prison.

In a fascinating discussion, which spans levels of corruption in Nigerian versus Russia and Poland, Marek' treats us to an insight into his entrepreurial journey and how AI is used in analysing big data sets to anticipate what people will buy.

In this diverse conversation, Marek & Mark discuss the importance of human interaction, particularly in B2B sales - As now, more than ever, people need to build trust in human relationships.

Moving forward, as well as deeply valuing his freedom, Marek intends to take Bill Gates advice and stick at his next project for 10 years in order to achieve something of real substance and value.


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Chasing Black Unicorns
All profits from the book and speaking engagements go to a school for orphans in Borno State, Maiduguri