Season 2 - Episode 28: The Presentation Maestro

Season 2 - Episode 28: The Presentation Maestro

18 September 2020

It's Vital You're Good at Presenting Your Authentic Self

In this lively and effervescent discussion with "The Presentation Mastro", Michael Trigg, Mark Edwards uncovers some of Michael's practical tips for engaging your audience and giving the best presentations. 

The pair cover a wide variety of topics, offering practical advice on how to ditch the dreaded PowerPoint presentation in favour of being truly authentic and talking in simple, clear language to engage your audience and keep their attention from wandering.

Michael believes the single biggest differentiator between you and your competition is your 'voice'; it's vital you are good at presenting your authentic self.

Steve Jobs in a Pink Tutu Riding a Mono-Cycle

The conversation ranges from the reason Steve Jobs (Apple) could present, dressed in a pink tutu, while riding a mono-cycle and juggling balls - and people would still listen to him - to what we can learn from Disney characters (Baddies vs Goodies) about how to perform during on stage presentations.

Practical Tips & Making 'Death by PowerPoint' a Thing of the Past

Michael and Mark also examine the skills of some of the great presenters down the ages, including Churchill, Mandela, JFK, Martin Luther King etc and why they didn't need to use PowerPoint.

With tips on how to ensure you present yourself to best advantage on the ubiquitous Zoom calls we all now endure, as well as Michael's top 3 tips for giving the best presentation, Michael gives huge value in this podcast.

Peppered with highly entertaining anecdotes, it is a podcast you'll definitely want to listen to, as it informs and uplifts in equal measure.