Season 2 - Episode 27: Thought Leadership and Communication

Season 2 - Episode 27: Thought Leadership and Communication

10 September 2020

In this latest podcast, Mark Edwards talks to old friend and expert Sales & Marketing professional, Michael Humblet.

MIchael has now written his book, called "Nobody Knows You". It will be released on 8th October - Pre-order Michael's book and subscribe to the 45-minute, online launch event, complete with live guests, here:

Michael will be answering the most pressing question for entrepreneurs - How can you turn your expertise into Market Leadership when nobody knows you?

Amongst the inevitable banter and trading of gentle insults, Michael and Mark also discuss how you can make yourself and your company visible amongst all the 'noise' on LinkedIn.

Michael shares the proven blueprint he has created for generating a large following on Linkedin - The same blueprint which has recently netted 18,000 individual sales of his online training course.

The discussion highlights the critical importance for software tech companies of being able to effectively market themselves and their solutions. This is particularly true in this Covid era, when innovative software solutions are seen by investors as such an attractive proposition when compared to other less resilient sectors.