Microsoft to Acquire Adobe...?

A Snip (some might say) - as Microsoft looks to acquire Adobe for a mere $260B

Two of the biggest names in the software sector could be combining very soon, as Microsoft eyes Adobe with ambitions of acquiring them. 

The courtship has gone on for some time now, with Times of India reporting the potential acquisition as long ago as 2010.

Microsoft and Adobe have both been relatively coy about the possibility of the merger and, as our experience has demonstrated over the years, the deal is never done until the money is in the bank. However, it’s beginning to look like a serious, if prolonged, courtship.  

If Microsoft were to acquire Adobe, they would benefit from adding new product capabilities and platform depth. 

Looking to the future, Microsoft will be competing against digital behemoths, Google, Amazon and Salesforce, all of which have been major disruptors in the tech sector. It is widely believed that if Microsoft acquires Adobe, it may push Google or Amazon to acquire Salesforce, whether or not Salesforce wants this.

This is BIG news for the software sector. 

 - Will they?  - Won’t they? 

It will be interesting to see how this tableau unfolds over the coming weeks and months.

In summary, although a date for the wedding ceremony is not yet set, it looks increasingly likely a betrothal will be announced fairly soon. 

We will continue to follow this story and report on developments as they unfold.

So, watch this space.

28 September 2019