Innovative Cloud Start Up Seeks Investment for Global Launch

22 November 2018

iHaveit, is a start-up company that could be worth your considering investing via their Crowdcube crowdfunding program  Use code: BOSSEQUITY


It ticks a number of investment boxes, including: Cloud, Software, e-Commerce retail, growth market, repeatable, concept proven at scale, could be worth investing to help the founder launch it globally.

Similar to eBay but Focused on Music

You may have noticed a massive upsurge of interest in vinyl records. iHaveit is tapping into this US$1 billion revival of market interest in vinyl, which is showing strong growth in both the USA & UK markets. Growth figures for 2018 currently stand at 19.2% in the US and 13.6% in the UK.

iHaveit is similar to eBay, but focuses on music, providing a one-stop platform to buy and sell vinyl records and CDs, which also includes collectors' cataloguing and music valuing functions.

iHaveit Captures Over 10 Million Vinyl Records

Soft launched in June 2018, iHaveit has captured and consolidated millions of vinyl records, cd's and tape cassette database records, plus millions of music cover artworks along with estimated prices for each item. There have been over 160,000 visits to, reviewing over 2 million vinyl records and CD's, with consumers starting to collect and buy on the platform, proving to the Founder, Michael Veenswyk, that the system works and can scale.  Michael is now looking for Smart Money to launch the platform globally

Proven Concept Triggers Crowdfunding for Global Launch

iHaveit's business model is to charge sellers 6% for pre-owned music when sold and to charge circa 20% for new music when sold.

iHaveit has proven the concept works and that it can scale. Against this backdrop, they have now started a crowdfund to market and grow the platform globally,


Check out the crowdfund at:     Use code: BOSSEQUITY