Coronavirus: Software Tech Sector, Your Skills Are Needed!

Attention: All Innovative Minds 

As we navigate these uncertain times, we have been reflecting on the fact that the software technology industry is the best placed to lead the way in finding new, efficient - and safe - ways to work.

Rather than stepping back, now is the time for us, as an industry, to step forward and lead the way for others who may not be used to remote working or adept at using the technology that can support this. Some may even be unaware it exists, having continued to work in the more traditional, office-based environment.

Now is the time for us to be resolute

The global situation is grave but now is the time for us to be resolute. More than ever, we need the brightest minds in our sector to make available innovative solutions that facilitate remote collaboration for the millions who must now work from home.

This crisis is unprecedented in our lifetimes and, as the World Wars did, will change the way we work forever. It will change the face of business as we know it. Let’s get the software tribe pulling together, leading the way into better times ahead.

Solutions & pioneering technologies

Together, with innovative thinking, we can devise solutions that will facilitate remote collaboration for the greater good. These will include the deployment of pioneering technologies, such as AI, across the Healthcare sector to track, diagnose and help mimimise the spread of the virus and eLearning for remote study.

Whatever your company’s current situation, we hope that you are able to find ways to negotiate your way through these challenging times and continue to grow.

Stay safe out there, everyone....

And let's not forget a huge "Thank You!" to all our fantastic healthcare workers. 

And a shout out to @Qualtrix for their initiative:

18 March 2020