Tech Companies are Preparing for a two Year Bloodbath of Doom and Gloom

by Michael Veenswyk, Boss Sales


Tech companies worldwide are facing the possibility of a two-year recession, leading to significant job cuts and financial challenges. The impact on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), can be avoided or reduced, below we offer solutions to navigate the tough market conditions.


Recession Concerns and Job Losses:

The global economy has been hit by various factors such as higher interest rates, inflation, ongoing war, and the long-term recovery from the global pandemic. As a result, the Top 100 tech companies are swiftly reducing their workforce to adapt to the weakening economy. Finance ministers globally are discussing the potential recession, which has caused customers to delay projects and seek lower-cost alternatives.


According to, an online job loss tracker in the technology sector, approximately 669 tech companies have laid off about 193,098 employees so far this year, compared to 164,411 layoffs last year. Some prominent companies that have announced layoffs include Amazon (18,000 jobs), Salesforce (10% of jobs), Alphabet (unknown number), Cue Health (36% of headcount), Coinbase (third time in a year), Huobi (20% of workforce), and Genesis (30% of staff).


Impact on SMEs and Mid-sized Tech Companies:

The downsizing and uncertain future faced by the Top 100 tech companies are significantly affecting SMEs and mid-sized companies in the industry. Companies with strong cash reserves and unique products or services are likely to weather the storm. However, tech software and services companies dependent on billable hours or product sales may find it challenging to secure business opportunities as demand decreases. SMEs must now compete fiercely for active projects, emphasizing competitive value and cost-savings.


Addressing the Challenges:

To overcome these challenges, SMEs and mid-sized companies should focus on their unique competitive positioning. Evaluating sales and marketing resources, processes, and tools is crucial to weathering the impending commercial storm. It is important to differentiate between skills, resources, and pricing cuts to maintain a competitive edge. Failure to differentiate can lead to larger companies leveraging their relationships and brand names.


Boss: Your Solution:

Boss Group understands the struggles faced by SMEs and mid-sized tech companies and offers solutions to articulate their unique differentiation. With a focus on protecting and increasing revenues, Boss helps companies navigate the changing commercial and financial landscape. The group provides proven methodologies to scale sales in a highly competitive market, enabling companies to survive and thrive.


Boss also assists in identifying unique sales execution strategies, attracting customers, and securing contracts. Their proven methodology can transform sales growth within four months. If your company is seeking solutions to increase sales, differentiate your company's message, or prepare for an acquisition exit, visit Boss Sales Engine or contact



The tech industry is currently challenging, with job losses and recession concerns affecting companies worldwide. To survive and succeed, SMEs and mid-sized tech companies must focus on their unique competitive positioning. Boss Group offers valuable solutions to differentiate businesses and navigate turbulent market conditions, providing methodologies to increase sales and control costs.