Sales Performance Lessons from Corbyn's Election Campaign

by Michael Veenswyk

Sorry Boss, we missed the company targets - Again!

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, criticised the ludicrous leadership and campaign messages as key reasons behind Labour’s 4th consecutive, General Election loss. Meanwhile, Corbyn is in total denial, blaming Brexit. Yeah, right!!

Pollsters had been telling the Labour party that research highlighted that the Labour Leader was becoming a liability and people on the street simply did not believe or understand the Labour economic plan.

Slipping Sales & Parallels to the Corbyn Campaign

There are massive parallels to the dramatic Labour failing and companies missing their annual sales targets. Ill-equipped sales leaders may not know how to control sales processes, which can result in disconnected sales messages, replicating the year on year sales slipped as well as missed business plans.

It is the responsibility of the company leadership to independently verify and validate aspects of the sales pipeline, (as the opinion polls did for the recent election).  Accepting the word of the Sales Exec is placing your company at the mercy and whim of the skills within your company.

Boss Sales Engine have a Board Level sales verification sheet that the company leadership team can review at each Board meeting, providing very simple techniques to help bring confidence and consistency to the sales forecast and year end performance. (Like the polling of the election). The verification sheet highlights risks and focuses the sales leadership team to help develop Board confidence in the sales forecast.

Clear Communication is Key to Success

Khan also highlighted that the Labour campaign communications were responsible for the majority of voter confusion, with voters simply not understanding – or, worse, not believing - the Labour messages.

A parallel can be drawn between this Labour failing and companies’ sales proposals. I find it astonishing the number of proposals Boss Sales Engine have diagnosed that, on closer inspection, lack any connection to the customer’s needs and issues; proposals which lack ‘close qualification’, such as verification of the purchase needs, and clarity around how the proposal addresses this issue. So many proposals are copy and paste templates from previous years’ proposals and haven’t been adapted to or focused on the sales win process.

Clear Methodology Increases the Chance of Winning Sales

Boss Sales Engine has a clear and proven, proposal methodology that ensures focus on the buyer’s budget, timelines and needs. It connects the proposal to the sales cycle and critical timelines, greatly increasing the chance of winning sales.

Corbyn was clearly punching above his weight representing Labour into the recent election and implemented an impulsive reactive campaign. Many companies need help to verify that their Sales Leadership team and sales reps are fit for purpose in the ever-adapting Software Tech industry. Boss Sales Engine help companies evaluate sales routes to markets, sales engagement models and ensure the ‘right’ sales skill and resources are in place to achieve your future business goals. We can provide sales engine diagnostics of your sales team to ensure they are able to punch with the right level of performance and we can help development the performance tools needed to perform in the ring.  

Diagnostic Tools to Enhance Your 2020 Sales Performance

If you are facing the harsh reality that your Sales Leadership will miss its business sales commitments for 2019, reach out to us at and we can discuss our sales diagnostics tools to help bring confidence to your sales performance in 2020.

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