The Rise & Rise of the Global Unicorn Phenomenon

Blueprint for Explosive Growth

When Boss Equity first began our research into Unicorn companies, some 3 years ago, we said we would continue to follow these fast-growth businesses - all valued at a minimum of $1 billion – and to report on the unfolding phenomenon of these “mega-companies”.

To back-track a little, the soubriquet “Unicorn” is attributed to venture capitalist, Aileen Lee, who coined the name some 6 years ago, when such huge private companies were a rarity.

They had come to notice because of their vast size (valuation) coupled with meteoric growth – and most have not disappointed since - with the evolution of this group of companies, continuing to feature cross-industry, as a blueprint for explosive growth.

Global Unicorn Distribution

Analysts report there are now over 400 Unicorns worldwide, with the US initially dominating the niche.

More recent reports now indicate that China has knocked the US off the top spot - boasting 206 Unicorn companies to America’s 203, as well as laying claim to the largest Unicorn of all – Toutiao, weighing in at a whopping valuation of $75 billion.

India too, is in the race, with a reported 26 Unicorns and the Economic Times of India predicting the country will have 54 tech Unicorns by 2024.  

The UK is just behind India with 21 Unicorns and is the number one country for such companies in Europe

Investment in Unicorns Still Strong

With Unicorn companies now born almost daily on the worldwide stage, it’s noticeable that there is no shortage of investors lining up to invest money into these young, vibrant and innovative companies – with latest reports suggesting such investment is to the tune of $2 trillion.

The very nature of the Unicorn, its speed of growth and disruptive approach to the traditional, means that a very high proportion of these giants are to be found in the software technology sector – a sector synonymous with constant change.

Tech Sector Continues to Dominate

This means the tech sector continues to be one that is ripe for investment..

Winning investment is not solely the preserve of the Unicorns; smaller tech companies can learn from the now established Unicorn protocols and, by mirroring the practices of these behemoths, propel their own companies towards rapid growth.

Boss Equity Report

As previously mentioned, the team here at Boss Equity, has studied the Unicorn phenomenon closely in order to uncover the common factors that help these start ups take flight.

Request access to the report on our findings: “On the Wings of the Software Unicorn