Covid-19: The Excuse Buster

Do you remember all those times when you just didn’t have time? 

- Well you now do!!

All those times when you said to yourself or others: "I just don’t have the time!" Well......the  PAUSE button has been pressed and the world has just gone into slow motion.

We have never been in this situation before. Ever.

- And let's hope we never see it’s like again.  

The truth is, we can moan, groan and worry, but it won’t change what's happening. Because it’s outside of our control. 

We all need to stop and think about what is within our control. 

The real power lies in how we collectively respond, both mentally (via mindset) and in our actions. 

This is where the power lies. We need to dig deep and harness that power.

Changing working environment

With diaries freed up and travel plans curtailed, now is the time software entrepreneurs can step out of the maelstrom of their usual daily lives and take stock.

Despite the gravity of the current situation, now is the time new plans can be made; now is the time when you can work ON your business (rather than just IN it) and on yourself. 

You can also do those organisational tasks that you know will make you more efficient when the PLAY button is pressed again. Make new plans, decide upon new routes and create a brighter, better future.

It is in times of adversity that great changes can - and do - take place.

For this to happen, it is essential we focus on the things over which we have control and that will produce the greatest, positive effect. At the same time, we need to put to the backs of our minds anything that is beyond our control.

But where do software entrepreneurs start?

Software tech leaders have long been used to innovation and disrupting established markets. In fact, embracing rapid change is almost a prerequisite for survival in the software sector.

The current situation is, in some ways, no different, calling on the same skills of tenacity, clarity of thinking and heightened awareness of the rapidly evolving situation around us all.

As this virus has spread and the state of the crisis increasingly dominates people’s thinking, so the need to be proactive and find creative solutions has become imperative to survival.

The Software CEO Imperative:

Adapting your 2020 Business Strategy & Behaviour to the Current Situation

In a world thrown into turmoil, the software sector is ideally placed to add value and to ensure that other companies are able to continue to function via remote technology. The skills you and members of your team possess are going to be more in demand than ever when the PLAY button is pushed again. 

This PAUSE on our lives will bring about many changes. Those who so far have resisted moving into the digital world are being forced to do so or they will suffer in isolation.

Because of this, there’s an increased focus on the digital domain and other industries need your assistance. 

Inertia and panic have no place here. Rather, careful planning and executing on those plans, is the order of the day. In the words of the writer, William Arthur Ward

 “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”

While you’re in lockdown or isolation, take a moment to stop and think - What, if anything, can you do to assist others in this current situation and where can you best focus your time and efforts?

Together we can do this.