UK Candidate of the Month

Candidate of the month is a feature that usually sees me posting up a short intro to 3 or 4 candidates. Now, whilst this has its appeal, what is the likelihood of locating the right candidate for your business out of those 3 or 4 candidates?

It is like deciding that you need a new car; you know exactly the type of car you need and then going to a showroom with 4 cars in it… Do you think you will find the right one? - Probably not. More likely, a quick view, kick the tyres and back to what you were doing.




How can I change this to help you, I ask myself…? Well, returning to the car analogy, you’re more likely to find what you want on Auto Trader or something along those lines. Therefore, it is very simple - You tell me what YOUR “car” would look like and I will tell you if I have one on the forecourt!!

Incidentally, my forecourt is probably the largest network and database of people in the eCM, BPM & BPO sectors, including C level, middle management, sales, pre-sales, marketing, business development and more... Couple that with the expertise to be found in our US and European offices and you have the choice you always wanted.

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