This document will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This is the first stage in our management qualification and profiling process. Please complete this form as comprehensively as possible. Try not to leave any questions blank as this could effect the assessment of your application - help us to help you. Please limit open ended questions to bullet points. If you require more room to type then the dialogue box can be grabbed and opened to be made larger.
The objective of this questionnaire is to provide us with important information that we will use to help you. Please be patient as we want to ensure that we do not miss any important information about you. A few of the questions may repeat information that has been supplied to us on your CV. Hopefully you will find the completion of this questionnaire a stimulating and rewarding exercise. Please feel free to pass on your feelings to us at the end of this Senior Management questionnaire.
CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Any information supplied to Boss Equity is held in the strictest confidence.
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