Vincent Ehrström

Vincent se présente

Vincent Ehrström
Senior Vice President, France
M&A, France

Vincent Ehrström has held Senior Executive positions, lead and advised mid-sized software vendors, for 25+ years, both in France and globally.

Successful Early Career

He started his career marketing software products from overseas vendors in France. Aged 33, he was granted an opportunity to start the French subsidiary of ReadSoft, an international software vendor in a competitive market with limited resources. Through this experience, he learned the importance of combining right strategies and good execution, building a team of professionals through careful recruitment at every stage of its development. His company grew to become the biggest net contributor of the subsidiaries of the group.

Building on this success, Vincent was asked by the Group CEO to take over as Managing Director of the Australian subsidiary and put it back on orbit. He moved down under with his family in a decisive move for his professional and personal life. After having built an organization from the ground up in France, he learned to transform an existing team of sales and technical staff and lead it to success. He also further developed his sales skills selling to large multinational clients, building cross-border sales and project organizations to deliver multimillion dollar Purchase-to-Pay solutions.

International Resumé

After 4 years in Oceania, Vincent moved again, this time to Sweden to take up the responsibility of Vice President of Business to Development. He was responsible for expanding the presence of ReadSoft in Asia, the Benelux and chairing 5 subsidiaries. He was a member of the Management Team.

Back in France, Vincent held positions and advised smaller vendors in their growth planning, then joined Itesoft, a listed French software vendor in the Document Capture and BPM space as Vice President of Product Marketing. In this position, his role was to overhaul the product portfolio, launch new complementary solutions for expanding the footprint and additional revenues within the installed base of customers and preparing for a swing from one-time license revenue to recurring revenues.

Vincent was instrumental in establishing a partnership with French BPM vendor W4 Software, which was later acquired. He held a key role helping the R&D department transition to agile development methodologies in order to focus efforts on user experience and delivery of products and features that closely matched business requirements.

Ability to "Think Outside the Box"

Throughout his career, Vincent capitalized on his strong analytical and people skills to help leaders see new opportunities, think outside the box and develop their businesses in ways that create true lasting value for customers and shareholders by creating a competitive edge.

Vincent held successful executive roles spanning product/service marketing to international expansion through recruitment of leadership teams in the Software industry with a truly international exposure. His entire career has been devoted to turning great products or services into business success.