Michael Humblet

Michael Humblet
Senior Vice President, BeLux
M&A, Belgium & Luxemburg

Michael Humblet – Bio

Michael Humblet is SVP, BeLux at Boss Equity and founder of Chaomatic. He is a sales strategist, obsessed with designing, building, training and scaling sales machines with a focus on accelerating and maximising revenue growth.

A seasoned sales leader, Michael has served in diverse Sales functions, including Head of Global sales, VP EMEA Business Development, Vice President of Solutions Sales and as CRO.

Throughout this varied career, Michael has assisted over 207 companies to shortcut their time to revenue. In addition to this, he is a sales coach at several leading incubators such as Startit.be and Imec and is also host of The Sales Acceleration Show, a sales and marketing focused, Q&A show on how to accelerate your business growth, where he captures great insights from people excelling in the new way of selling & marketing.


Things Michael loves to do:

  • Obsessed with designing, building, training and scaling sales teams
  • Focused on the HOW to get sales done as operational excellence is key in any strategy
  • Building Saas B2B sales machines, defining the acquisition strategy & building the blueprint for scale.
  • Provide perspective gained by building sales teams, growing & scaling revenue, hitting walls & breaking glass barriers.
  • Sharing sales expertise & giving deep dive workshops based on real sales cases
  • Writing pragmatic articles about accelerating your revenue generation & setup of operational sales teams:                 http://chaomatic.be/blog/

Enterprises Michael has helped to accelerate:

Equicity, Cumul.io, Kayzr, Citizenlab, Kantify, APICbase.com, Skryv, CumulusPro, Zapfloor, Prezly, Zensor, Audience, Twipe Mobile, Playitsafe, Intuo, Babelway, Qualifio, StoryMe, Sweepbright, Bitsensor, Pro Alliance, Sentiance, Flanders DC.

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