Jon Glesinger

Jon Glesinger
Vice President, North America
Equity Growth and M&A Services


Jon founded Comprindeo, which has an exclusive arrangement with Intelligent Voice to process video and podcasts globally.  This highly developed, market leading, patent pending AI/Deep Learning ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology automates the generation of content-based tags and navigation.  Comprindeo is launching into consumer and enterprise markets to revolutionize the way video and mixed data-sets are used.

Working in conjunction with Leslie Ackerman, Jon has built a significant network of potential funding sources, partners and sales channels over the last 12 months.

Prior to this, Jon founded and was CEO of Expert Alumni/gleXnet.  The company promoted the idea that massive change was coming to how organizations should think about their workforce, with a singular focus on simplifying the interface between people and their work.

Ahead of the curve

Understanding the challenges ahead of the curve, a SaaS solution was built to arrive at a better understanding of the greatest constraint to business operations – understanding competence, not capital. Using unique methods to utilize unstructured data and semantic search methodology, gleXnet provides unparalleled insights into an organizations’ people and operations by flipping the problem from the perspective of people, not the business.

Leading and working closely with a team in Halliburton’s consulting business, a system was developed to manage both employees and contractors around the world.  The system (known internally as HCPNet) interfaced with SAP and was recommended for company-wide (50,000+ people) adoption.

Senior Industry Experience

Prior to this, Jon was Managing Director of Norman Broadbent's Energy and Natural Resources Practice and Client Partnership Director for the BNB Group and 5 years in Houston with a Boutique Search firm.

Jon built an industry leading team that operated globally, providing a wide range of solutions for clients in Executive Search, Recruitment, Corporate Branding and Advertising, while leading a group-wide (13 Internationally based companies) initiative to understand and develop the group’s sales proposition.  During this time, he developed a unique and highly effective method of engaging with clients on a consultative basis, redefining the way in which a multi-brand, international company presents itself to its employees, clients and prospects.

Jon gained significant insight into the rapidly changing resourcing world when he worked with TMP Worldwide/Monster, operating across a broad range of solutions and most significantly the fast growth of Monster as the then leading job site.

Early Career

In the early 80’s Jon had his first involvement with personal computing as the IBM PC made its initial entry Ito the market in Hong Kong.  Being quick to see an opportunity he was one of the first to bring CAD/CAM into the Far East.  Following his success in this market he was invited to return (after 6 years there) to return to the UK where he co-founded one of the first developers of third party add-ons (we now call them apps) for AutoCAD.  Working closely with the founder of AutoDesk Jon led his team into all major markets and was one of the pioneering team to go to Moscow’s first computer exhibition in 1989.

During his career, Jon has lived and worked in the Far East, Houston and Europe and has travelled to a wide variety of countries. Jon is a Fellow of the Energy Institute, a member of the Institute of Directors and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.