Guy Spragg

Introduction from Guy Spragg

Guy Spragg
Vice President, UK
Equity Growth and M&A Services

Early Career

Following the award of a Mathematics degree at Newcastle University, Guy joined a niche Document Management Company, where he frequented the top salesperson position for 4 years. However, at the age of 25, due to a desire to be in charge of his own destiny, he set up his own business, specialising in the removal of paper from businesses.  The business proved highly successful and in 2012, with the assistance of Boss Equity, Guy sold it to EDM Group.

Recent Career

For the past 6 years, Guy has worked in the EDM Group, assuming responsibility in a variety of roles. These included forming a new business to address the Pensions market and culminated in his appointment as UK Sales & Marketing Director in 2015.

New Career

As with any entrepreneur, the desire to be innovative and independent has never really left Guy, and in 2018 he became SVP in the UK for Boss Equity. He believes that his core understanding and first-hand experience of how independent businesses survive and thrive, will be critical in preparing clients for the biggest sale of their life.

Outside Work

Family and Sport dominate Guy’s life outside work. As the Youth Cricket Manager for over 120 children within his village, a part time Golfer, a footballer helplessly holding onto former glories, or a once a year Rugby player, he likes to remain active.

Coupled with this, he maintains the family taxi for his 3 children and has been happily married since 2000.  He has also taken part in various charity fundraisers, including the London to Brighton 100km walk (in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research) , and the 3 peaks challenge (in aid of the Children’s Society).